American Flash Toilet Bowl Cleaner

• Acid-based
• Cleans and Deoderizes
• Toilet Bowls
• Urinals
• Removes Hard Water Stains

American Flash Floor Cleaner

• Use on all hard floors
• Grease cutting action
• Deodorizes
• Pleasant scent

American Flash All Purpose Cleaner

• Concentrated
• Use on hard surfaces
• Effective on grease, grime and dirt
• Non Flammable

American Flash Pine Cleaner

• Kitchens and Bathrooms
• Use on hard surfaces, floors and walls
• Heavy duty cleaning and degreasing

American Flash Carpet Cleaner

• Concentrated
• Use on most carpets, rugs and upholstery
• Car upholstery

American Flash Window Cleaner

• Cuts Grease
• Non-Streaking