Totally Organic and Non-Toxic
Contains all natural ingredients; safe for plants and pets. Guard against: Mice, Rats, Raccoons, Squirrels, Opossums, Spiders and More.

"No dead rodents around your food or in your kitchen!"

Our Story

PEST-DEFENSE™ was developed with focused consideration on the service industry. Many restaurants, retail stores, service outlets, and even homes face the nuisance of rodents in various aspects. PEST-DEFENSE™ is an all natural, organic product that successfully fights the battle of rodents and pests without the harshness of harmful chemicals.

The Perks

Non-Toxic • Non-Corrosive • Non-Fuming • Non-Hazardous • Non-Poisonous • Eco-Friendly • 100% Biodegradeable

Our Advantages

All Weather

Works in all kinds of weather. Being a suspension of natural ingredients; water, rain, and snow will, of course, dilute the product. It's efficiency, however, should remain intact so long as you renew with "touch-up" applications.

Offense Defense

The best defense is a good offense. Traps and poisons work by attracting pests seeking food. Smelling the bait, they come onto your property and into your work or home and that is just what you should be trying to avoid. PEST-DEFENSE™ on the other hand is your complete defensive line against it all.