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"Our buildings in Chicago had rodent issues. Your product really works - we have not received any complaints from our tenants since using the product and we continue to use it on a regular basis." - Maryann, Property Mgr.


"I was having problems with rodents getting into my garage and outside shed and your product sent them away. I also like that the smell is not overwhelming and actually enjoyable, like being outside in the park. I also feel very comfortable letting my dogs play out in the yard since it is not dangerous to pets. Thanks again." - Ralph - Milwaukee, WI


"I tested your products at several Dallas restaurant locations with excellent results. It works well and my clients are extremely satisfied. I, personally, am happy to provide a product that is effective, not poisonous and eco-friendly." - Restaurant Supply Distributor

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Being a suspension of natural ingredients; water, rain, and snow will, of course, dilute the product. It's efficiency, however, should remain intact so long as you renew with "touch-up" applications.


MSDS and Technical Specs Information

Complete MSDS documentation and technical specification paperwork can be found by clicking HERE.

Playing Defense


Playing Defense

Traps and poisons work by attracting pests seeking food. Smelling the bait, they come onto your property and into your work or home . . . and that is just what you should be trying to avoid. PEST-DEFENSE™ on the other hand, which smells fresh and clean to humans, is very offensive to the animals' olfactory glands - they just can't stand the smell. By maintaining a protective barrier of PEST-DEFENSE™ in and around your work, home and property, foraging pests would rather simply move on to easier targets.